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Kathleen Pemble: Links to the Fab!
My Children's Music / Adult Singing / Songwriting / Guitar Workshop Program
You Tube
Black Shoes taped at the Bitter End 11/06
Eric Puente
Great, thoughtful, listening drummer.
Mark Barden is the MAN, the guitar man. The guitar, man.
Bass, bass bass! Upright, fretless, you name it, Eddie's got your low notes. Steady, awesome, kind and fab!
Oh yes, you will know him! the listeningest drummer ever!
Incredible duo and my dear friends...kisses dudes!
I love saying this...(except for what it implies about my age)... I used to baby sit for him! Hey...I'm only 6 years older than him. His wife is a 'P' in the 'A'. (Love you Jen)